Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


What kind of cookies can be found on a SimDif site?

Use of cookies

A cookie is a little piece of code that is loaded with a website and will often stay in the memory of your browser after you have left the site.  

When visiting the Simple Different website we use cookies for your convenience, for example when you exit the SimDif site your choice of language will be remembered. We do not share any information with other services like some social networks or online supermarkets who are using cookies to resell your data to advertisement agencies.   

Other services used on the site like Google Analytics use cookies to record information about your navigation on the website. For example, the pages visited and the date and time they were visited. These cookies do not record your personal information. 

What Cookies can be present on a SimDif site?

It depends on the services used on the site:

Google uses several cookies for their services, like Google Maps, Google Analytics, Google recaptcha and also Youtube

AddThis, are the buttons facilitating the social sharing of this site, but it is also tracking the number of visitors on this very site.

Flickr, if the author used one their pictures, Flickr places a simple tracker to show a link to the original picture.

PayPal also use cookies if the author of the site uses their buttons and cart.

It is virtually impossible for SimDif and the creator of this website to control what these cookies actually do. We assume that they also respect the European laws about use of data usage and data privacy (GDPR). You can read more about the GDPR here.

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