Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


We care about your privacy

We respect your privacy second to none. We do not send spam and we never sell or share our user's data.

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Use of personal data

Private information like your email address is used exclusively to register your account and keep a direct channel of communication between yourself and the SimDif team. As part of our Ethics, we don’t share or sell your information to any other party.

When you create a site with SimDif we host and store that site and its content on our servers. The content of your website is owned by you and you are responsible for it. 

If you stop using SimDif (by not renewing a Pro subscription for more than 90 days, or not publishing your free Starter site for over 365 days) we will erase all of your data and the content of your site(s) from our servers. We do not keep the data of users who aren't using SimDif anymore and we do not store information without making you aware of it. The only information that we are legally obliged to store is kept in our offline records. This is for the accounting records to see a trace of our transactions.

Don’t worry, we do not have access to your credit card number, or banking information.

Modification of your personal data

In Account Preferences, the blue icon in the top left of the app, you will find ‘Change Email Address’ and ‘Personal Data’. From these places you can modify the email address linked to your SimDif account and edit your personal data.

Password encryption

We store your password in a heavily encrypted form. We can not see your password or get into your account unless you entrust us with your password.

Security and anti-hacking measures

We keep the software on our servers up to date, passwords are well encrypted, and we do not keep any data of past users. All of this makes SimDif much less attractive to hackers and increases the security for active users. 

Closing your account and erasing your data

If you wish to close your account it is quick and painless. Do this via Site Settings in "Unpublish or Erase” by clicking on Erase and following the instructions. After you erase your last remaining website with us your account will also be erased. None of your data will be kept on our servers, not even your email address. 
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